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Student Policies and Expectations

Piano 2 Go (updated 8/7/2015)

Lessons & Performance - TO GO!


PO Box 606, Purcellville, VA 20134


To cancel your appointment with Mrs. Baker (teacher) please e-mail

jennifer@piano2go.com or send a text to 571-439-0136

(Preferred method of contact is e-mail or text.)



Students are expected to practice daily and should have room in their schedule to accommodate this requirement. Daily practice time should equal the length of the student's lesson. Practice times should be recorded on their practice sheet.


Students should obtain the following before starting instruction:

  • a teacher-approved piano or keyboard (I will evaluate your instrument at your home.) Acoustic pianos are the best to practice on since          they provide greater resistance and therefore build stronger fingers.
  • piano bench or seating at appropriate height
  • a music stand on your keyboard or piano to hold up sheet music and books (this is probably built-in to your instrument, but sometimes            not)
  • a metronome or metronome app downloaded to student's iPod or phone (metronomes may also be purchased at your local music store          or online)
  • a pencil jar filled with an assortment of highlighters or colored markers and sharpened pencils. You will keep this on or very near your            piano.

Parent Witness

Parents need to sign off the parent-witness portion of the student's practice sheet each week, prior to the next lesson. Your signature acknowledges that you agree with the student's recorded practice times this week.


Students should be ready with all lesson materials (3-ring notebook, music books, metronome, and writing utensils) when the teacher arrives. Students should have washed hands and trimmed nails. Short nails are critical to enforcing the proper hand shape/finger curvature and to developing strong technique. The lesson room should be free of distractions and quiet. Others in the house at the time of the lesson should help maintain a peaceful atmosphere during lessons.

Piano Maintenance

The student's piano should be tuned and checked for mechanical problems every six months. An in-tune piano is much more pleasurable to play and to listen to, and will inspire more practice when it is kept in tune. For a tuning, please ask for a referral.


Students are expected to participate in one to two recitals per year. Recitals will be announced one to two months in advance. Recitals are free.  The recital requirement is waived for adult students, but adults are welcome to perform. 


Given that lessons are only once per week, I don’t have much time with students as it is. When you are cancelling more than one lesson per month on a regular basis, you are seriously impeding your rate of progress and advancement. Therefore, as an advantage to you, please prioritize your lesson time with me, as I will with you. This means 1) Keeping cancellations to a minimum. 2) Making sure your other appointments (doctor/dentist/tutoring/counseling, etc) are scheduled on other days/times. 2) Asking for permanent time changes infrequently (no more than twice a year is ideal). 3) Giving consideration to your music lesson time before signing up for conflicting events.

Student Illness

Please cancel if you are too sick to go to school or work. We will do the same, as a courtesy to you. (Make-up and refund policies below.)

Student Cancellations

Acceptable reasons for cancelling are illness, death in the family, or medical emergency. Unacceptable reasons: Student didn’t practice this week, we forgot, student has a conflicting sports practice, we are too busy this week, doctor’s appointment, etc. Please notify your teacher in writing (e-mail or text is sufficient) of all cancellations. The following make-up/ refund procedures will be observed:

  • No-Shows: Still charged, no make-up.
  • Student cancels with less than 24-hours notice: Still charged, no make-up. Last-minute emergencies considered on a case-by-case                basis.
  • Student cancels with 24 hours to 6 days notice: Eligible for a make-up lesson (no refund), subject to teacher availability. (This may take          the form of doubling the length of the next week’s lesson/ giving the absent student's lesson time to another family member, having a                Skype lesson, coming to the Purcellville home studio, or attending a pre-announced group make-up class. Teacher will try to consolidate        her make-up lessons for students in your area at the same time/ day).
  • Student cancels with one week (7 days) or greater notice: no charge (limit 1 per month)
  • "I'm quitting today." You will still be charged for today and next week (see "Two Weeks Notice of Termination" below).

Teacher Cancellations

If I cancel, I will offer to reschedule or refund your lesson or service.

Preferred Method of Contact

E-mail or text message is the preferred method of contact.  I am not "on" 24-7, so please allow 24 hours for a response.  Please text or call 571-439-0136 for time-sensitive matters.


  • 30 minute private lessons (beginners only): $36/ ea. ($34/ ea for 2 family members, $32/ea for 3, $31 for 4 or more family members)
  • 45 min. private lessons $53/ ea. ($51/ ea. For 2, $49/ ea. for 3, $47 each for 4 or more family members) …recommended for                              highschoolers, adults, and intermediate to advanced students.
  • 60 min. artist lessons $70/ ea. (recommended for the serious, college-bound student or professional)
  • Travel Fee for Traveling Lessons: $25/ mos. EXCEPTIONS: 1) I will waive the travel fee if you live 5 miles or less from my home in                Purcellville. 2) I will waive the travel fee if more than one in your neighborhood are enrolled on the same day.



Invoices will be e-mailed at the beginning of the month for all the lessons, including no-shows and late cancellations, of the previous month. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.

  • 1)  Paypal, credit, or debit card online (just click the link on your e-invoice)
  • 2)  Check
  • 3)  Cash 


Lessons may be suspended if payment is not made within 15 days of invoice date.

Inclement Weather

I do not follow school cancellations (afternoon road conditions are often much better), but I will cancel if the road conditions are hazardous. A credit or make-up will be offered in this scenario.


Yes, I am open and teach through the summer! The majority of my students continue their lessons through the summer. Why? The study of a musical instrument is a year-round discipline. Furthermore, an uncluttered summer schedule presents optimal conditions for progress and learning! This is why I offer summer lessons, and encourage my students to continue their lessons throughout the summer. During the summer, each student may have two weeks of unpaid vacation of their choosing (you choose which two weeks).

May students choose to take the summer off? Or one month off? Certainly. I cannot stop you. However, many new enrollments occur in June and July, and I cannot guarantee fall placement when you decide to return. But I always do my best!

Hiatus (Without Paying)

You may take a hiatus at any time of year for travel or other reason… but you must give me two weeks’ written notice (notify me two weeks before your last lesson) to avoid any additional charges. A hiatus without payment is considered to be withdrawal/ unenrollment, so I am not under obligation to hold your spot for you while you are gone. However, I will do my best to work with your schedule when you when you return!

Hiatus (With Continuing Payments)

If you take a break from lessons but wish to reserve your time slot and guaranteed placement when you return, you must continue paying for 75% of your monthly lesson charges.

Two Week's Notice of Termination (by the student)

Please provide two weeks’ written notice of lesson termination (e-mail is fine) to avoid being charged for future lessons. For example, if, on Oct. 1, you write me: "Our last lesson will be Oct. 14, two weeks from now," then I will not charge you for lessons past Oct. 14.

Termination of Lessons by the Teacher

This has only (fortunately) happened a handful of times in all my years of teaching, but it I do reserve the right to terminate your lessons for any reason. This situation can be entirely prevented by keeping your account in good standing and putting a good effort into your lessons and practice. And I understand occasional bad practice weeks, the occasional late payment, illness, and busy schedules. So it is my hope each year to avoid this situation with all of my valued families! However, I cannot be infinitely tolerant of ongoing attendance issues, excessive cancellations, consistent lack of effort/ practice, poor attitude at the lesson, and clients who are consistently late paying.

I, (printed name)_____________________________________________, have reviewed the Piano 2 Go Student Policies and Expectations, and I agree to the terms set forth in this document.

Signature:________________________________________________ Date:___/ ____/ ______