Piano 2 Go

DC Pianist & Piano Lessons for Loudoun County
(Headquarters just outside Purcellville, VA)
PH:  571-439-0136


Piano 2 Go Instruction Rates

The new rates below will be effective July 1, 2017.  

  • Weekly Private Lessons 

  • 30 minute private lessons (beginners only): $36/ ea. ($34/ ea for 2 family members, $32/ea for 3, $30 each for 4 or more)

  • 45 min. private lessons: $53/ ea. ($51/ ea. For 2, $49/ ea. for 3, $47/ ea. for 4 or more family members) ‚Ķrecommended for highschoolers, adults, and intermediate to advanced students.

  • 60 min. artist lessons $70/ ea. (recommended for the serious, college-bound student or professional)

  • Travel Fee for Traveling Lessons: $30/ mos per household.  EXCEPTIONS: 1) I will waive the travel fee if you live 5 miles or less from my home in Purcellville. 2) I will waive the travel fee if more than one in your neighborhood are enrolled on the same day/timeframe (two in your family enrolled will count).

*  Book fees are not included in the prices above.  Please budget $50/ year for books, $150-$300 per year for tunings (acoustic instruments only), $50/ year per student for books/ sheet music, $40 for metronome, and $30/ year for Guild audition fees, if participating).

Announcing some NEW options in 2017!!!

Flexi-Pass for adultsCan't commit to a regular weekly time but want to brush up your piano skills?  Wanting to learn a few favorite pop tunes but can't commit to a lesson every week?  The FLEXI-PASS can help you get the guidance you need -- on YOUR terms.  Flexi-Pass is ideal for adults who telecommute or have flexible work schedules.  I teach most adults between 10 and 2 on weekdays, but adults may also choose to have lessons during cancelled time slots.

Terms:  Students coordinate scheduling of lessons with teacher.  Lessons for students on Flexi-Pass will take place between 10am and 2pm weekdays, according to teacher's vacancies, or during cancelled prime-time slots (after-school/weekend times when other students are out sick).  Unredeemed lessons (paid for but not taken) may be transferred to another individual but are non-refundable.  A Flexi-Pass is available for all budgets, but a 12-week commitment is recommended to deliver measurable progress and growth.

(Feel free to contact the teacher first at jennifer@piano2go.com to see if she has time in her schedule to accomodate you.)

Piano 2 Go Performance Rates

With a commitment to providing the excellent quality you would expect from a five-star-rated professional, my prices reflect my extensive experience, university training, and the extra degree of thoroughness and preparation I put into every event.

Additional Fees

Auto Travel (beyond 10 mile radius): To cover my fuel costs, I charge $.55 per mile, round-trip, for automobile travel. Limit 150 miles.

Air/Bus/Train Travel: If my schedule allows, I will travel to any location, provided that my travel and lodging are paid for by the client.

Lodging (if applicable): If the booking runs late into the evening, it may be necessary to stay overnight. Client is responsible for lodging.

Instrument Rental: If the event is outdoors or the venue does not have a piano, I'll bring my piano and sound system for an extra $100.