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DC Pianist & Piano Lessons for Loudoun County
(Headquarters just outside Purcellville, VA)
PH:  571-439-0136


Announcing the Flexi-Pass for Adult Students!

Many working adult students cringe at the thought of paying for a lesson every single week.  Perhaps you travel a lot or can't predict when you'll be called out of town for an unexpected meeting.  Whether you have kid commitments or work commitments, I'd still like to help you reach your piano-playing goals.  If you are looking for a more flexible option with minimal commitment, the Flexi-Pass may be for you.  Just call or text me when you're in town and we'll get you on the schedule, either in earlybird slots (10-2 weekdays) or during cancelled slots (when other students are sick or cancel).      

4-Lesson Flexi-Pass:  Four 45-Minute Lessons

8-Lesson Flexi-Pass:  Eight 45-Minute Lessons

12-Lesson Flexi-Pass:  Twelve 45-Minute Lessons