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Piano 2 Go

DC Pianist & Piano Lessons for Loudoun County
(Headquarters just outside Purcellville, VA)
PH:  571-439-0136


Instruction in Composition, Improvisation, Finale Software, and Songwriting

As a successful composer and arranger, Jennifer attracts pianists who would like to hone their skills in composition.  Songwriters also come to Jennifer to learn how to arrange piano accompaniment for their vocals.  During composition lessons, Jennifer helps students with:  

  • Studying the compositional techniques of the masters through analysis of classical and contemporary pieces.
  • Learning about chord voicings, all manner of accompaniment styles, harmonizing a melody, bass lines, techniques such as sequence and        canon, transposition, modulation, embellishment, musical form, theme and variation, fills, and more!  
  • How to input compositions into the computer with a MIDI keyboard (hyperscribe) to quickly scribe their music into the notation software            used by professionals.  Jennifer has trained several students to proficiency in Finale software.
  • Understanding how to write rhythms correctly through rhythm dictation.
  • Learning how to write/ arrange piano accompaniments for voice and single-line instruments.

All composition lessons also include a thorough grounding in music theory and harmony, which is essential to developing a sophisticated voice as a composer.

Students are always invited to perform original works at studio recitals. One composition may also be included in a student's audition with the National Guild of Piano Teachers (available for all Piano 2 Go students each Spring).

Each November, student composers are invited to submit compositions to the International Composition Contest held by the American College of Musicians/ National Guild of Piano Teachers, of which Jennifer is a member.  Over the years, Jennifer's students have received several Honorable Mentions for their submissions, including this year.  

Congrats to Julia Condie for earning an Honorable Mention in the 2017 International Composition Contest with the American College of Musicians/ National Guild of Piano Teachers.  We're so proud of you!